Revolutionary All in one PRP solution
More PRP volume
Higher platelet concentration
Easy process for PRP preparation

Better life for best


Ankh Oy has designed and developed a revolutionary all in one PRP kit.
The kits are registered as a CE Class IIa device.
With its innovative solution of ability to maximize platelet numbers,
the system is easy to use and cost effective. It also provides great advantages to
shorten PRP preparation time with 1 single spin method (5min) and to produce
both leukocyte-rich and leukocyte-poor PRP. The PRP kit can also work with
different types of centrifuge system.


PLASMA-X 10 ml Pack

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PLASMA-X 30 ml Pack

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PLASMA-X 60 ml Pack

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Screw Pusher

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PX 50 Centrifuge

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PX100 Centrifuge

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